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    Ethical Business Practices

    GAR gives the most accurate information possible within the budget and time frames provided by the clients

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    Remuneration package includes salary and other benefits such as paid vacation, insurance, etc.

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    GAR Technologies provides budget based benefits for the clients and high salaries and insurance benefits for its Job seekers.

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    Training and Development

    Our high caliber technical team provides training to meet many employers' requirements.

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    Company values and culture

    GAR upholds the profession's reputation for honesty, competence, and confidentiality.


GAR Outsourcing offers significant cost savings without comprising on quality. This benefits both the company as well as the consumer.

Outsourcing software development offers significant cost savings without comprising on quality. However, companies need reliable outsourcing partners to realize those savings. GAR Technologies has built a reputation for doing outstanding work that is predominantly delivered on time, and on budget. GAR Technologies helps firms exploit the full potential of IT outsourcing, and deliver world-class results. It doesn't matter where in the world you are located; GAR Technologies can help you to grow your business. Over 10 years of experience in outsourced project development, with a large number of satisfied customers worldwide we are proud of the products and services that we have provided to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we achieve this by delivering top quality products. We achieve top customer satisfaction by our succesful leadership and highly skilled team.