IT Consulting

GAR Technologies provides Consulting services to assist clients with their continually-changing IT environments.
IT sponsors are continually challenged to make better, more-informed decisions when allocating program budgets. GAR's Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Factory enables organizations to effectively evaluate the merits of multiple information-based products, services and solutions in parallel.
Our PoC approach enables us to adopt a concept, clarify requirements, rapidly develop and deploy working prototypes for customer feedback within 90-days cycle, while reusing the common functionality. Our PoC strategy has enables to control clients R&D budgets, facilitate multiple applications to be tested prior to investment, and increase revenues by enhancing overall user experience.
Other benefits include a fuller, defined scope and reduced change requests, by:
Enabling business sponsors to use fully-functional prototypes to evaluate merits of new products, services or solutions.
Iteratively validate requirements and produce a working prototype within a short period.
Leveraging offshore development teams to accelerate prototype creation, significantly reducing production cost